Executive Clear Communication Coach Monique Russell

Public Speaking

If you're looking to grow your business, and influence it's no secret...improving your speaking skills will put you on the fast track. 

You don't have to continue to be tired of fumbling over your words, and leaving meetings feeling like you should have said this, and should have said that...  

You don't have to deflect to someone else because you are not comfortable being in the spotlight

You don't have to continue to wonder why with all the education and experience you have, clients aren't knocking down your door and signing up without you having to "convince" them why working with you is the best decision they can make!

Why continue to lose out when you can demonstrate your expertise, confidence and influence by being an effective and clear presenter?  

In this program, you'll learn how to:. 

Increase your revenue with public speaking clarity, strategy and coaching

Feel excited and confident before you give a speech or presentation (vaporizing dread and fear in the atmosphere)

Speak with Conviction and Purpose (psst. no more sleepy heads and rolling eyes when you open YOUR mouth)

Speak with Clarity and Confidence (because you'll know what to say, when to say it and how. hint: winging it is for the birds).

Answer questions off the cuff and stay ready for engagement (Once you have this strategy down, you'll use it for life. Note: this will come in handy in your personal relationships too)

When you master speaking you increase your social network and influence because people want to connect with and speak with you.

Your confidence boosts because most people are afriad to do this but not you. Most people just don't have the tools and expertise to guide them through what it takes to be successful at this. I will give you the tools.

You get invites to attend private events, media and exposure for yourself and your business and you will expand your authority and influence without having to get another certification or even lead with your credentials as a side benefit. Your influence will lead for you!

Now, this is not a do it yourself, self-paced coaching program. You've bought too many of those already. This is a live, intimate and powerful training in a community where you can truly grow.  

I've taught this for years in person and online with great results.  

It's what allowed me to be invited to a private event with Gayle King, and share the stage with some of the greats like Lisa Nichols. But this is not about me...it's about YOU.  


  • * This is a 3 month/6 session LIVE virtual coaching program where you'll define your why and gain clarity in speaking, identify storytelling techniques and strategies to connect with and captivate your audience, learn how to channel the nervous energy into excitement and identify practical places to put your newfound speaking magic to work.
  • *You'll have 24/7 access to me by email to ask questions anytime throughout the days in between weekly sessions.
  • * We will work together to refine your topic, and you'll get expert guidance from me. (but here's the thing...you have to be willing to put in the effort)
  • We'll work on performance mindset and affirmations to keep you in a winning frequency before, during and after your speech.  

What past students of mine have said: 

"Monique, you have skillfully helped me find the passion and ideas that were hidden deep within me. You have asked thoughtful and meaningful questions that got me looking in the right direction and got the ideas pouring out of me. That alone was priceless. I have felt the excitement and drive that I didn't know how to find on my own. My business has grown so fast, the paid speaking engagements are coming in, and the opportunities feel endless right now because of our work together." Nancy G.

" I hear you in my head! From this one event and spending 4 hours with you, I have been intentional in being more clear in my message and pronounciation. I have seen a noticeable difference in my business with client consultations. Thank you!" Safya Byars, Immigration Attorney

This could be you.

If you'd like to apply for the group program, submit your information, and let's get the ball rolling to have a conversation. 

This program is for women business owners who have been in business 3 years or more and who want to use speaking as a way to grow their business. Ideally, you may have been recognized for your expertise, won an award, written a book, led a group of some sort and given at least one presentation. If you have never given a presentation and are terrified of speaking, this program is not the best for you. 

BUT, if you know speaking is the way to go and you are doing a bit but know you can do so much more, you are in the right place.

Because You MATTER, this is a small and intimate group so we can give undivided attention. 

You won't matter in a group of 50 or 100. But you will matter with me. Enter your information by clicking the blue box below to get started. We'll have a conversation about your goals and secure your seat if you are ready.